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Who we are

Gudharra is a commercial property cleaning and maintenance company. We provide high quality services to a wide range of sectors including government, educational and commercial properties.

Gudharra’s uses its specialist experience from Canberra and Sydney to deliver for every customer, regardless of size.

Quality assurance – Gudharra prides itself on quality and satisfaction. Without this attitude to our work, a client’s confidence and outcome can be affected. We strive towards and promise satisfaction every time.

Community sector – The name Gudharra has the aboriginal meaning for cleaning. Our Co-Founders, Luke Masters, a NSW aboriginal man who grew up in Sydney and Wayne Clothier are dedicated to not only meeting, but exceeding customers expectations.

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Our experts at Gudharra provide quality and reliable services. We understand your requirements to deliver
you efficient cleaning and maintenance services.

Maintenance Projects Australia Maintenance Projects
Traffic Control Projects Rely on Gudharra for Traffic Control
Emergency Repair Projects Rely on Gudharra for Speedy Assistance
Professional Cleaning Projects Professional Cleaning Services, Australia